Smriti getting seduced by Uncle Dev – II

Once again next day we met in the hospital in the afternoon Uncle behaved casually as if nothing has happened, but he did not talked to me and just then doctor made a statement that most probably mom will be relieved tomorrow morning. That day I came back little early, I wanted to clean my house thoroughly and had to do few more thing as mom was coming back and she was not fully recovered,

she was little weak in the left portion of the body. I did those tasks one by one and finally got down with an evening tea and we silently had tea together. As such there were no conversations took place between us except few casual statements but many times our eyes met and we looked in each other’s eyes.

Finally I got to go and uncle spoke that he will be waiting for me on the dinner, as he had a plan to go out for the dinner and I was suppose to go along with him. I came down on time and we had south Indian food and came back by 10. After returning straight away I went to my house.

I was really very uneasy, uncle was not talking to me normally, and he remained silent most of the time and spoke very less only whenever required like asking if I need anything else while having dinner in the restaurant and all. I remained in my house for an hour and did nothing except thinking, for me it was really very difficult to handle that mental state and I wanted to cry but I just remained unsuccessful in that too,

it was really very strange mental state and don’t know what was happening to me. Don’t know how I gathered courage initially to talk to uncle and got down and ranged his bell and once again seeing him I could not utter a word and asked him if I can see television for some time. Uncle too did not uttered a word and just gave me the way to enter and sat on the chair of the

dining table bit far from the couch on which I was resting and continued what he was doing, having a drink while reading newspaper. Though I was watching television but my brain and all other senses were noticing him and I was gathering courage to talk to him, this silence was actually killing me, I wanted to talk to him desperately,

I wanted to say either you say yes to my proposal or just slap me on my face and get normal as you were, your ignorance is taking my life away. After few minutes Uncle got up from there, his drink was over may be he was going to make another one or he was just going. Once again I spoke with a high heart beat and addressed him from behind, “Uncle” Dev uncle turned and looked at me,

“I want to say something”. He turned and came closer to me and sat in front of me on the central table and gently said “I know what you want to say, you are saying that if I am desperate for having sex then I can do it with you, right”? I still remember those exact words of Hindi language which we spoke in that whole conversation,

“mujhe maalom hai, ki tumhe kya kahna hai, yehi na ki agar aap sex karna chaahte ho to mere saath kar lo, bolo yehi kahna hai na”? I just moved my head in yes, while looking into his eyes, “Smriti tell me, what made you think that, tum aisa kyun karna chahti ho, just to pay back my money, hmmm.. tell me, or there is any other reason”.

I moved my head in no and today when I am recalling that moment I am amazed that how I gathered that much of courage to speak, and finally uttered “because I love you”. Dev uncle smiled sarcastically and said, “This is not love, and you are disturbing me”. Uncle remained silent for some time and kept on staring at me and I too kept on looking into his eyes and he spoke again,

“Smriti I think you are big enough to understand all this,……as such there is no doubt that I am desperate to have sex….. through out my life I never thought about you in that way, but your yesterday’s statement has disturbed me a lot and first time I looked at you with that perspective,…….please don’t do this to me, please go from here main apne aap ko control nahi karr paaunga, I am already drunk”.

“You are angry with me”? I asked him in a low voice, “no I am not angry with you, and I want to sleep now, morning mein mom ko lene jaana hai na”. I moved my head in yes and slowly got up and moved out of the house. In the morning we went to the hospital together and Dev Uncle remained there till main doctor came and granted discharge of my mom from the hospital.

Further I remained with my mom in the room and had bit of conversation about the money spent in the treatment. Dev uncle cleared the remaining bills and bought medicines for next one month and by the time we landed home after all formalities time was one. I came down in the evening with a tea and mom’s prescription as I had some confusion in that,

about the schedule of medicines and Uncle cleared those doubts and came back after asking him that I am making “khichri” in dinner if he would like to have. He said yes to it. Around 9 I got down with a dinner, by that time my mom was up with the dinner and my father was missing, as he use get missing frequently in the past, and we knew that he will not come in the night.

I came back after some time and stayed at home, and unknowingly I was uneasy and very conscious about getting down around 11 and just after few minutes to eleven, I remained unsuccessful in controlling myself and I got up to go down to meet Dev Uncle. My mom was sleeping, I told her that I am going down to watch some television and she said ok to it.

I knew that mom will not get up in the middle as one tranquilizer was also included in the medicine. Once again I was standing in front of his door after ranging the door bell. I don’t know what was driving me crazy about him; it was love, lust, attraction or just my innocence which was taking me there again and again.

Somewhere I was burdened also with his kindness and I wanted to do something for him. Dev Uncle opened he door and moved inside without speaking a word. He was already watching television but he was yet not started with his drink, I just settled down there and he handed over the remote, so that I can watch whatever I want. I changed the channel and we continued watching television.

After few minutes he got up to get inside the bedroom, and I stopped him from behind, he turned to see me, by now I was confident and I just said, “please, don’t drink” he smiled and came back and sat on the opposite couch and called me there from his hand. I went closer to him, he made me sit beside him and took me in his arm and embraced me from side.

I could feel that he was not embracing me as a man, he simply hugged me with affection and I buried my face against his chest. “I know what you are thinking, you know this very well that you will not be able to give my money back, so just to balance that you want to give away your body to me”, friends I cannot forget those exact words too which he spoke in Hindi,

“tu soch rahi hai ki tu uncle ko paise wapis nahi de paayegi iss liye Uncle ko sex de deti hoon” then after detaching me and while looking into my eyes he asked me again, “Smriti I have hell of money, I don’t want it back, do you understand……….now tell me, do you still want to do it?…… but before saying anything take off all burdens from your mind and just ask yourself if you want to have sex before marriage”.

I was unable to answer him, I just kept on staring at him without any answer, I don’t know what I was thinking at that time I was still confused. Dev uncle spoke again this time very softly, “go and think about it, I am also confused that whether I should do it or not, ………and take a sound sleep, only then you will be able to take right decision”.

I moved back to my house and slept after a long tussle, asking myself again and again whether I want to do it or not and finally slept without getting onto conclusion, but before that I definitely fantasized about those moments that how Dev Uncle will make love to me and released bit of my pleasure juices before getting into sound sleep.

I got up early morning, and remained on the bed only and my tussle with in itself also continued. I went down to meet him, to ask him about lunch, that day he wanted to cook himself so I came back. Once again I went down with tea in the evening, and he himself said that he will cook himself in the night too.

In the mean time my father came once in the noon and by evening he again left to stay outside, to drink and eat with people of his kind. Once again after dinner I started getting uneasy, and by the time it was 11 once again I was not in my control and I asked my mom if I can go and watch some television, downstairs, as such there was no problem from her side.

She slept and I came down and once again everything ran in a same fashion, till I spoke to Dev uncle that I want to do it. At that time he was sitting on opposite couch, and as I said, “Uncle I want to do it”. He looked at me for few seconds and then raised his arms to call me closer.

I got up and went into his arms and he made me sit on his lap and embraced me tight and asked me, “Smriti kisi pressure mein aakar to nahi kar rahi hai na”? I said “nahi, mujhe bass aapke saath sex karna hai” he embraced me bit more tighter and said, “mujhe bhi karna hai, mujhe bahut zaroorat hai isski,……….(after a long break he spoke again)

Smriti mujhe sex nahi chahiye, usske liye to main kisi prostitute ko bhi laa sakta tha, mujhe pyar chahiye, you know what I mean” I looked into his eyes and said, “hmmmm… I know,…. I love you” Dev uncle caressed my cheeks and removed my hairs which were coming on my eyes and said, “ tujhe maalom hai na hum kya karne waale hain, ….pahli baar bahut pain hota hai”.

I said “hmmm….I know, par mujhe karna hai” once again he embraced me tight and we just remained like that for next 2 minutes. Dev uncle lifted me in his arms and took me to his bedroom, and soon we were laying on the bed and kissing. Finally everything was happening, Dev uncle was touching my body like a man and I was enjoying his every touch like a woman.

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