Shower sex with wild cousin

My cousin and I were very intimate until she had to move to UK for her studies…this happened when she was 19 and was willing to experiment anything…so was i. So one day at her apartment when she stepped into the shower and I entered with her. I turned on the shower and soon her bathrobe just gave to my groping hands…

and with a smile she removed her bathrobe and put her hands around my neck and kissed me passionately…our tongues squished and slurped…water flowed all over us and where our skins pressed. The flicking, slurping sound of our skins sliding between our bodies really turned us on..I kissed down on her…reaching her nipples..

I opened the mouth and found a steady stream of water flowing from her hair down to her cheeks…and neck…shoulders and to her breasts..and I drank the water by sucking her nipples..this made her really wild. She leaned back on the bathroom wall and she pulled me with her…and she bit my ears..and licked inside my ears…

she was going out of control minute by minute…and she slide down on the wall and she lied down on the tiled floor under the shower..holding me down and I had to go down with her. She kissed me passionately and I caressed her stomach, slid my hands all over her wet breasts, nipples and washboard yet soft 19 year old stomach…I slid I kissed her nipples.. and stomach.

Now I licked her navel with the tip of my tongue and let some saliva slide down my tongue into her already wet navel and I slurped every curve of her pink soft my head was right below the shower and I was feeling like I was under waterfall..but I continued to lick her hot and now my tongue began to move further down and touched the tip of her wet pink panties.

She was getting tortured by spray of water piercing her wet skin and my lick really made her wild and she began to moan…( I love to hear girls moan in pleasure when I use my tongue). I bit the elastic around her waist…now my left hand slid down to her soft spot as I continued to eat her pink navel and my right hand tickled her nipples.

I slowly parted her panties at her wet smooth white fluffy thighs..and touched her soft pink shaven petals and it sent shivers all over her and she began to cry “oh my god..jay…do it..I can’t hold any more”…but she was nt aware I was game for torturing her even more..

in a flash I stood up and I took a wad of vapor rub I always keep inside my jean as I am prone to flu in changing weather and pounced back to her and before she could find out I smeared vicks on her stomach, thighs and clean shaven pink petals….now I slid the finger that had the remaining of the Vicks into her soft lickable pink wet hole….under the flowing water..

the touch of Vicks shot an electric chill all over her..i moved my finger in and out…one slide slide out…and again…and in intense sensation she began to shake…and she cried “what is that thing you used..oh my god I am gonna die..jay you will kill me like this..oh it feels soooo good…hmm…ahhaaaaww….oh yea..”

I slid down her panties..and gave long squishing lick on her wet pink my tongue reached the centre of her tongue just caved in and I felt my whole tongue lovingly slurping her pink curves deep inside..i felt her oily sweet flavour..woow and it really turned me on…I wanted to cum and under the waterfall..

i moved my tongue inside her vaginal layers slowly and she began to shake and snake so wildly that I had to press her lower abdomen to keep her tongue squishing and slurping her juice and layers and the Vicks giving her the piercing chillness under the was more than for her to control and she pressed my head down and I began to suck on her pink vagina and clitoris..

she pressed her thighs on both sides of my head and it was heaven for me..with only one thing in my mind..her taste and her clits..nothing else..and as my lick became deeper and more slurping, she began to shake violently again and I let her go without stopping this next few seconds she had her first orgasm..and in half an hour..she had 3 shaking orgasm…

After allowing her to recover from the shake and blinding pleasure.. I smear vicks all over my erect man thing…place the hard man thing between her breasts and she would press my hard penis with her breasts…oh it felt so good.. her shining young breasts pressing my skin down and was heaven I slid my thing up and down between her breasts…

with water began to make some wet slurpy sound…and she would erect thing would move up it would almost touch her lips..and I would slide down..After my hard wet black thing played touch and go with her lips she was so turned on again that she would try to bite and lick it with her tongue tip as it come up near her mouth but when she would reach down with her tongue it would go down..

the teasing would go on and she began to scream “oh jay..i want it… lemme.. eat.. god…i want to bite and….” and I knew she was dying to to have my penis in her mouth…and I continued to play with her keeping my hard thing sliding between her wet slimy smooth breast…and holding her hands outstretched so she can stand up…

she began to struggle violently now…i felt she was stronger for a 19 year old…she was real lioness..i doubted what would be the fate of my meat..if I let her have it right at this moment…..i thought it would be fun to let her go and enjoy…and then as I slid up between her breasts..i lowered my on her and bit her and released her outstretched hands…and in a flash she was all over me.

She went straight to my erect thing….she took hold of it and aint it a wonderful scene I thought for a sec…my man thing was black, curved and erect under the shower..and I had a wonderful 19 year old wild girl holding my tool..what was more thrilling is the feeling of what she would do next…my cousine was looking wild and gorgeous, her naked body was shining under the waterfall..

and the last thing I saw before I laid back my head was my wild cousin lowering her open mouth..staring wildly at my 8 inch erect manhood, as if it were responsible for her torture, in her clasp with water flowing all over its shining pink head, black shaft. I closed my eyes and let my wild cousin decide my fate with her mouth..and for a moment I doubted if she would bite and tear my only tool into pieces and really eat it..

i felt my tool getting engulfed by her soft wet mouth..she bit the shaft..and she tickled the pink tip inside her mouth with her tongue..i was getting blinded by the chilll and pleasure now…and I think the strain on my face must have really turned her on, she began to swirl my erection with her tongue around, from below and from top..and all happend inside her mouth..

she was really enjoying torturing me..and after sucking my lollipop..with shower falling all over us..i began to feel my juice coming up…and I screamed scream…”oh ya..i am coming”….and she would continue to suck on me as a wild lioness..and in between she would look up to see the strain on my face..and right at the peak moment..she would stop sucking and take it out of her mouth..

and just hold it erect in her clasp…to cool it off..under shower..woov..(i thought this girl is really wild) now she is lying between my outstretched legs and as soon as I began to recover she deep throated me again…this time she pressed the split tip of my tool with the upper ceiling of her mouth…while tickling my balls..

and in between she would take it out to lick the entire 8 inch length of my an icecream cone with strawberry scoop..she was making me wild by now..i was screaming…”oh yea..oh yea..suck me…woooo..oh yea..”now she would stood up and took a wad of the vicks again and smeared it all over my hard thing sending chills all over my body…

for one sec she would show it under the shower..for the next 2-3 min she would suck on my man hood…and then she would show it under the piercing shower between she bit my thigh and I felt her teeth piercing in and a stinging pain..and when I looked up I found her licking clean my blood…and then sucking on my man hood again..

i was wild by now and she was really enjoying it through her wild eyes..i began to cum..and cum really hard…i strained my head to see what she was doing from my lying position…and I couldnt believe my semen just came up through my shaft..just before my manhood bursted..she pressed her thumb on the slit at the tip of my erect curved black shining 8 incher…

and she was just laughing shouting “you tortured me..and I will not let you have your climax so easy”..i was in real pain and was feeling the block at the tip..i was desperate for an unload..i tried to move my legs and I felt her sitting on it..i cant move my I cant rise up too..oh my was heaven and pain at the same time…

she kept on pressing the tip to stop the semen from gurgling up and gushing out and from spraying..(wow !! why on earth did I step into the shower with this wild thing I thought ) And before I realised my semen is receding inside my shaft, she gave me a naughty smile and swallowed my tool again…this time I got the best blow of my life..she took my whole shaft in her mouth..

when I looked to see her I saw my hard thing disappearing inside her wet mouth..and she began to slurp up and down my hard manhood..twirling her tongue around my shaft she began to suck on my thing..she tickled my balls..pinched my thighs…spit on my tool inside her mouth and she kept on licking..i was seeing stars inside my brain…and her suck became longer..

slower and more slurpy..with water flowing down my shaft, she would drink the water by sucking my balls..wov..”i couldnt hold any more” I shouted..and she nodded her head as she kept on sucking my hard man thing…she took out my thing and I saw a drool of my precum from her mouth to my shaft..and following the drool she smiled at me and gobbled up my tool again..

this was really too much for me..and I screamed…”i am coming again…” and she took out my hard tired penis and whispered ” say please let me cum and I will let this poor thing cum” and I immediately complied…i always loved girl on top she continued to suck and lick down from my balls and licked my perineum….wow this was the first time a girl ever licked me there…

then she would lick up back to the balls to the shaft and to the strawberry tip and the slit…and down…wov..she kept on sucking the tip of my thing and then suck down and deep throat..then she would come up and suck the tip and then deep throat me..i felt I am dying now…the pleasure this girl is giving me was so intense that I felt I will have cramp bursting my semen..

i screamed “oh yeaaaa..i am coming” and she looked up and smiled, took a breather and whispered while shaking my tool “i get to taste you at last…i want to swallow you” and firmly clasped my tool at the base and engulfed the whole throbbing penis into the inviting mouth..i felt the semen surging up my hard thing… came and I tried desperately to prolong the pleasure..

but she tickled my balls to fail me and I bursted..i would say I let out my first shoot and “ahhhh…”and she tried swallowed but it overflowed her mouth and drooled on to my thighs and waist over her clasp…and she kept on sucking…i felt the second wave coming…and I released and this time she was better prepared.

she had held my penis right on her smooth tongue so that when semen jets out it slides down her tongue…i bursted again and my semen just flowed out and she swallowed wads after wads with inward sloping tongue…woow she was hungry…she kept sucking until my last drop was sucked and drained…

and by the time we were exhausted..and drained. The only relaxing feeling was the shower that was on.. I strained to look to see her and she was still between my thighs and she was drained and down with her cheecks on my thighs…surprised to see her left hand was still clasped around my soft drained manhood….and I closed my eyes..

after about 15 minutes..after recovering from the blinding release and pleasure…i looked at my beautiful cousin..and what I saw made my skin tingle again…i saw my cousine in all fours…between my thighs….with her hair loose and a real lioness look on her face…and before I could react she moved towards me for yet another hunt and eat…

and before I recollect myself..She is all over me…licking my balls and sliding up and now she is standing on her knee across me right over my penis that was slowing getting hard…and I knew the shower will not be over until she had her ride….

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