My father my husband Part 1

Hi readers, Here’s my incest story. I hope you will like:

Things had changed after my mother left us for her toy boy. My dad and I always had touched and kissed each other but it was never ever sexual. Mother had left the house some time ago and I had felt the tension building between my dad and me. The sexual tension. Dad didn’t want to touch me like he used to anymore. It got so bad that it started to affect my schoolwork so I decided that today was the day I would help both of us. I came home from school and got under the shower, cleaned and shaved myself everywhere and dried myself in front of the mirror. What I looked at was nothing special. A petite figure who was a little overweight. All the curves were in the right places so it didn’t really bother me. My dad on the other hand looked amazing. He was tall, broad shouldered and made me feel like being with a gentle giant.

He came home about six thirty and I had lasagne and salad ready for us. The sexual tension was so much I could hardly eat a thing.

“Did you have a good day?” I asked just to start a conversation.

“Yes. The usual BS at work but other than that it’s been okay. How was your day sweetness,”

“Alright I guess. I miss your hugs,” I told him honestly.

“Well, come here then,” He said lovingly. I did not let him say that twice and walked over to him. He held his arms wide and shifted his chair slightly so I could sit on his lap.

“I love you dad,” I told him, my voice barely a whisper.

“I love you too sweetness,” He answered without hesitation

“Can I have a kiss then?” I enquired coquettish. My dad hesitated and kissed me chastely on my cheek.

“Have you not felt the sexual tension between us dad?” I started carefully.

“No, what do you mean?” he returned looking me straight in my eyes.

“This,” I whispered as I kissed him on his lips.

“Stop that. We can’t do that sweetness. It’s wrong.”

“It’s not wrong dad. I know you miss mum. We love each other. Why is that wrong?” I knew I was right because I felt something growing against my belly.

“I guess you’ve got a point there,” my dad reacted but I knew he was still not convinced. I smiled at him. That’s all I could do. There were some tense minutes but then my dad smiled back at me.

“Okay but not here,” he conceded and took me to his bedroom. By the time we got there he had already taken off his shirt and unzipped his pants. I followed taking off my tracksuit bottoms and my top. That left only my panties who were rapidly becoming wet and my bra.

Dad took off his trousers and was only in his boxer shorts. He made me sit down on the bed and carefully slid the straps of my bra over my shoulders, freeing my breasts. He unhooked the bra and tossed it on the floor. He took my panties off and spread my legs just enough so he could have a good look at my pussy.

“So wet and beautiful,” he said in a hoarse whisper as he let one finger slide into me. I held back a moan. I shifted slightly and hooked my fingers behind the elastic of his boxer shorts and pulled them down. My dad’s erect cock sprang free.

“You’re beautiful too dad,” I said in a low voice.

“It’s all yours sweetness. Take it in your mouth,” he suggested and I gladly obliged. I run my tongue over the tip of my dad’s cock licking off the precum before I let my lips slide down lower and take in more of him. Dad inserted another finger in my dripping pussy and his thumb circled my throbbing clit. He picked up the pace a little bit but it was enough. I felt his cock throb in my mouth and I knew he was close too. He called out my name as he shot his semen in my mouth. It took me over the edge and I crashed into the best orgasm I ever had.

“Wow that was amazing,” my dad reacted when our breath got back to something like normal.

“Thank you dad”

“For what sweetness?” he asked honestly amazed.

“For the best orgasm of my life. Duh,” I answered cheekily.

“Give me a couple of minutes. There’s more where that came from,” he jested as he cuddled me in his strong arms.

“You were good at sucking my dick. How many times have you done that?” he asked the one question I feared the most. I’d be so surprised if he’d go for this.

“Not once dad. It’s only you. Don’t you know?”

“No-one?” he reacted surprised but left it at that.

“Go to sleep now sweetness,” he said in the daddy voice I loved so much.

Halfway through the night I woke up because I felt someone spreading my legs. I was immediately awake completely and very aroused.

“Hello sweetness,” My dad smiled at me.

“What time is it?”

“The time I’m going to make you a grown woman,” he quipped as he planted a series of kisses over my belly and stopped at my centre.

“You smell so good sweetness,” he moaned softly as he slid two fingers in my virgin pussy.

“We have to be absolutely sure about this sweetness. Once we do this there’s no going back,” he advised me making eye contact from his position between my legs. I answered his stare boldly.

“I don’t want to go back,” I told him breathless because my dad had taken his fingers out and let his tongue slide up and down my wet folds. At the same time he was rubbing his length to get it hard. He spread my legs a little more and bended my knees.

“Relax sweetness. It’ll only hurt a little while. I’d never do anything to hurt you. You know that, don’t you?” he said in his reassuring ‘listen to me I’m your dad’ tone.

“But dad you’re so big It won’t fit,” I tried as I was starting to feel a little worried.

“Don’t worry sweetness. Dad will make your toes curl,” he joked sliding his precum filled erection up and down my lower lips to get him extra wet. Carefully he entered into me.

“Dad, you’re stretching me.” I whimpered.

“That’s the idea sweetness but you’re so tight,” he explained as he slid further into me inch by heavenly inch. I felt he met some resistance but dad pushed through it in one strong stroke making me gasp and shiver from the unfamiliar pain and pleasure feeling.

“Hush sweetness. It’s all good now,” my dad whispered.

“You’re such a good girl,” he added before kissing me. I felt him sliding in the last inches of his cock and felt the tip inside me resting against my cervix.

“Do you feel that sweetness? We’re made for each other,”

“Oh dad give me a moment. I feel so full,” I pleaded as I tried to take in a couple of deep breaths.

“Okay sweetness,” my dad said as he slowly pulled out. Nearly. And then pushed in again. The veins of his cock sliding along my clit and further into me along the walls of my core.

“Oh sweetness you’re so tight. Dad loves you,”

“I love you too dad,” I said panting as he thrust in me again.

“All right sweetness?” he enquired out of breath.

“Yes dad I’m fine. Don’t stop please.” Dad set a stronger rhythm and I had no other option but to move my hips in the same way. I felt dad got bigger still and I knew he was about to come.

“I’m going to fill that beautiful pussy of yours with everything I’ve got,” dad said between gasps of breath. That took me over the edge and I felt my core tightening around my dad’s shaft as he spurt the same sperm that had made me all those years ago in my pussy. Dad collapsed on top of me and turned us on our sides spooning me. His cock still in my trembling pussy as I waited in his strong arms for our orgasms to subside. I felt utterly spend but very satiated.

“You don’t miss mum now do you dad?” I teased.

“Why would I do a silly thing like that when I have you,” dad jested in turn.

“But, if we’re serious about this you have to start calling me Nick from now on. No-one can know. Tomorrow I’m going to lick that beautiful pussy until you can’t take it anymore. Then I’ll make some calls and set up a whole new life for us somewhere else, somewhere new. Where we can be together as lovers. We’ll burn all our bridges here Lilly,” he told me.

“Let’s burn bridges Nick,” I agreed as I let fatigue wash over me.

Lilly and I had moved into our new condo about two weeks ago. Unfortunately I hadn’t been able to find a job yet but Lilly had. This particular day I wanted to surprise her. It was her birthday. She turned twenty one today. I lit up some scented candles in the bathroom and with her favourite bath foam I ran her a bath. When I was just about finished I heard the front door slam and her yelling.

“Dad are you home?”

“In here sweetness,” I yelled in answer, smiling as I knew she could not help herself and still called me dad instead of Nick.

“Nick is in here,” I jested as she appeared in the doorway.

“What is this?”

“What?” I reacted in a mocking hurt way.

“You don’t want a hug?”

“Of course I do,” my beautiful daughter reacted. She walked over to me and I held my arms wide. She stepped in my embrace and we kissed each other passionately. I had indeed missed her today. Our tongues duelled before she ended the kiss.

“What is this?” she repeated.

“Your surprise. The first part of it anyway. Now get out of those clothes and in you get,” I cheekily commanded her.

“A surprise for what?” my ever curious sweetness asked.

“Oh I don’t know. We’ve officially moved in. I hung up our picture this morning. Or maybe your birthday. Happy Birthday sweetness,” I wished her as she held me tight before she stepped out of my embrace so she could undress. I watched as she quickly did just that and I held out my hand to help her into the bath. I took my seat on a stool next to it. I couldn’t count the many times I had done this before. I rubbed some soap on a cloth and washed her back. I shouldn’t have been surprised that it felt nothing like when I used to bathe her when she was a little girl. My baby girl had certainly grown into a beautiful young woman.

“Make your hair wet baby girl,” I suggested and saw her smile at the term of endearment I hadn’t used in ages. She did and I took some shampoo and massaged it in her beautiful auburn hair. She moaned softly.

“You like that sweetness? Did you have a hard day today?” I asked using my soothing paternal tone.

“Burning bridges isn’t easy dad. I knew that,” she said with a heavy sigh.

“That’s okay sweetness. I’ll take good care of you,” I countered as I started massaging her clamped up shoulders.

“Oh you always do dad. This feels so good. I love you,” After I felt her shoulders loosen up a bit I took the cloth again and started on Lilly’s front. My body reacted immediately. I got hard. Really uncomfortable in my pants hard. I watched my sweet daughter closing her eyes and leaning back a little to give me more room.

“Enjoying this, are you, sweetness?” I asked but I already knew the answer of course.

“You know I love it dad. What’s the other part of my surprise?” She asked while I ran the cloth under her perky breasts. I decided to ignore her question. For now.

“Looks like you’re in trouble,” she laughed and looked pointedly at my bulge. I can’t hide it anymore and certainly not from my delicious daughter, my sexy lover.

“Let my help you with that,” she suggested, but I didn’t want her to. Not yet.

“Not yet Lilly. Later. I’m not finished with you yet,” I told her in a faux stern voice. I moved the cloth along the perfect skin on her belly and stopped at her navel. I skipped the rest and moved my chair back and washed her left foot and then concentrated on her right one. Slowly. Very slowly I moved the cloth over her long and beautifully shaped leg to just near her centre. I heard her moan softly and I knew it was turning her on big time. I went up her other leg but this time I didn’t stop. I let the cloth go and used my fingers to touch her sweet soft pussy lips. Lilly tried to move and make me slip my finger inside her. She moaned softly and I realised it was difficult for her because the bath wasn’t big enough.

“Patience sweetness. I’ve got this,” I assured her as I finally slipped a finger inside her. I didn’t like it that it was difficult for her so I took my finger out and stood up to pick up a towel from the rack.

“Out you get sweetness. Our bed is much more comfy,” I commanded lovingly.

“You still haven’t told me what the surprise is,” she grumbled.

“Okay, sit here a minute while I dry your hair,” I conceded.

“You remember I’ve always told you that you would never have been an only child if I had anything to say about it,” I started hesitantly.

“I want you to have our babies if you want that too,” I explained.

“No dad, that would be dangerous,” she said her eyes turning big with fear.

“Not if we talked it through with a doctor first,” I tried to assure her.

“There’s a doctor coming to have dinner with us tonight,” I clarified.

“Come on. I’m going to come so hard for you Shruti,” I promised as I took her hand and lead her into our bedroom. We laid down for our 69 and I sighed with relief when she took my throbbing cock out. She didn’t hesitate and put it between her moist lips going down agonizingly slow. I concentrated on her beautiful pussy still a bit moist from her bath.

‘Now where was I?” I murmured as I slid two fingers inside her and with my thumb circled her little clit. I felt her soft hands going over my length and they went faster and faster. I knew that meant that she was close and I circled my thumb faster. Her cry of pleasure as she orgasmed drove me over the edge and I squirted thick hot strands of my cum in her loving mouth while I licked the juices from her sweet pussy.

“Thank you sweetness. That was amazing,” I said as I crawled over her, took her in my arms and kissed her. Mixing her cum with mine always felt so good. I could never get enough of that. With my free hand I slapped her behind. She gave a surprised yelp but smiled her sexy smile at me.

“Go and get ready. Mark will be here soon,” I said but didn’t let her go right away.

“Think about it. No condoms, no pills. Maybe a little brother or sister. How amazing would that be.” I told her painting a picture of my dream.

“That would be awesome dad. I’d love to have your babies. Let’s do this.” She answered as she wormed out of my hold to get ready. I let her go not being able to wipe the smile of my face.

The evening was the strangest and best evening I’ve ever had. Mark was a lot younger than I had imagined. He asked us some questions and took samples of our blood for testing. Those necessities out of the way we had diner. Mark was also very good-looking. Blond hair, a lean body he could very well be one of those surfers there were so much of here. I warmed to him immediately. I had never thought of being touched intimately by a man. It was a whole new concept for me. He also looked very interested in Shruti. He produced a leaflet right before we sat down to eat.

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