Jiju ki saali Rinku Part 3

I too pressed her joban and was caressing it slowly. I realized slowly that now Neelu didi was also enjoying presence of thick huge Lund of my hubby and his jija. Neeraj slowly pulled out his Lund and when only tip of supara was in, he shoved it. He was caressing rubbing her clit. I too was cupping and squeezing her boobs.

Didi also slowly started responding by moving her hips arching her back up wards to meet thrust of cock of Neeraj. I coaxed him, hey jab didi ki phad hi di hai to phir thik se kyon nahin karte. Didi also gave a smile and that was enough. He increased the pressure. Now his one hand was playing with her one tit, lips were sucking another and thumb of other hand was rotating wildly on Neelu didi’s clit. His cock was moving in and out like a piston. He kissed didi on lips and asked kyon salli ji maja aa raha hai. She responded by grabbing his back with her both slender legs rubbing her choonchi against his broad chest and said, hey just remove the ‘ji’. He felts o happy that he again adjusted her legs over his
shoulder, slowly moved out his cock and then in one thrust pushed entire Lund in her choot it was too much for her. Neeraj asked, unashamedly, “ Kyon salli Maja aa raha hai Jija se chudvane ka”. In answer, Neelu didi took a deep kiss on his lips and said, without blushing Han Jiju.

Neeraj then lifted him, made her sit on his Lund and fucked her in sitting pose. After some time again he put her back, spread her thighs and started doing a frenzied fucking. I too joined the fun and I was rubbing didi’s clit, her tits and very soon she came or rather exploded. Very soon Neeraj too came and flooded her ex-virgin choot with his cum. They kept on lying for some time.

Suddenly I remembered something which courier has brought. On it was mentioned, to be opened by Neeraj only. I asked Neeraj to open it and it was a gift from my mom to Neeraj. There were two packs I one had a Aramani suit and the other contained a bottle of imported scotch and a bottle of champagne. There was a card attached, “ To My Secret Admirer”. We both smiled at each other. He told me, hey today is time for celebration. I brought three trumpets, and he opened the bottle shaking it towards Neelu Didi and said, to my sexy salli. We kept on drinking and meanwhile, Neeraj has put another cassette. It was full of scenes with tow woman and a man doing it and more than that it was mostly anal sex. With huge Lunds pounding gaand of young girls. Sex, bubbly and this xxx has made us lost our sense. Neelu didi was in inebriated state and my condition was no better. She told Neeraj, You fucked with such vigor but you had not done chudai of Rinu, which is not fair. I replied in the same vain, Didi ye kya meri chudai karenge main inki chudai karrongi. I went down and took his cock between my lips and started sucking it. Soon its large supara was bursting my mouth. I took it out and offered it to Neelu didi who was feeling a bit hesitant. I forced her mouth to swallow his erect Lund and soon she too started sucking it hard. I was not sitting idle.. My lips were caressing and sucking his balls with full gusto. Didi passed his hard shaft to me and now both of us were licking its side.

We will start licking from its base together and moved up to supara. She will suck it and passed it to me. Like two sahelis’ licking on a lollipop, we licked and sucked his lund greedily. It was in very angry made ready to pound my choot. It did not deter me. I went over him and started rubbing his huge Lund with my lower lips. I slightly lowered my choot and it grabbed just the tip of his Lund. I asked, “Kyon chod dun.” In one mighty push his almost entire Lund was captured by my greedy choot. Neelu didi told me, hey we must please him. She said if he is happy, he will offer his young teen sister Guddo to our brother. Now I got the hint and I joined her and said yes, pahle hamare bahi usko lenge . Neelu didi continued and said, Phir pass padosi . I added then doodhwala. She giggled and said Dhobi and after that I interjected and said after that we will put her on kotha where she will get variety and paisa bhi milega. Neelu didi said yes and I continued and that too in the red light area of His maika, KaliinGunj, akhir jis sahar ka maal hai vahan ke logon ko kuch to faida hona chaiye. Neelu Didi laughed and said, yes she will give brother concession to all her bhais. This was enough to anger and arouse Neeraj, who pushed me down and now started fucking me with great force. I was not to loose so I gripped his lund with my choot and started scratching his back. Now, Neelu didi has changed sides and was caressing and fondling my boobs. She whispered something in Neeraj’s ear and Neeraj nodded. Soon he has got me on all the four and was shoving his Lund mercilessly in my choot from behind. Didi too was squeezing my choonchi very hard.

Suddenly I found that a nozzle of KY jelly entered in my rear hole and entire tube was emptied there. Before I could understand, Neeraj ahs spread my tiny asshole and was pushing his cock in my back entrance. I tried to resist but his supara was now firmly in my gaand. Hey, Kya tum meri gannd mar rahe ho. I screamed. He answered coolly shoving his Lund further, spreading stretching my very tight asshole, “ Main nahin to kya mera salla Vijay tumhari ye hassin kasi kasi gaand marega.” Now Neelu didi sided with me and replied, “arre Vijay to tumhari behna ki bur aur gaand dono marega”. In reply to this Neeraj shoved his two fingers in Neelu didi’s choot and started moving it hard. He answered back, “ arre mare salle to bachpan ke gandu hain vah pahle apni bacha le.” Now he was holding my slender waist with one hand and his huge Lund has penetrated almost fully in my gaand. It was not that it was first time my rear hole was being penetrated.

During honeymoon, Neeraj has taught me ki Gaand marane ka apna maja hai, but it has been more than 3-4 months since my young gaand has been assaulted. He then, almost fully withdrew his lund and in one massive push shoved it in my gaand almost tearing it. It did hurt me and I started abusing him. Hey, Kya apni Behan ki gaand samajh rakha hai. Ohh it hurts.. ohh. But slowly pain subsided and I started enjoying his strokes. He was also pushing, fucking my cunt with two fingers. He started fondling, caressing my half globes my milky chootar. I too was now responding pushing myself on his Lund. He pinched my chootar and said, you know I like one more thing of mummy (I had made her call my mom mummy only rather then your mom). He continued, her swell, rasilli mast gaand.

Especially when I see her walking or bending. It will really make anybody’s cock hard. Hey I tried to interject but he further added. “And you know I’m sure for becoming such a big sexy juicy gaand, isane jarror mota lund ghonta hoga. I squeezed his Lund in my gaand and said, “ one thing I’m sure, I can’t talk about other lunds but the one in my Gaand will be certainly welcome to her. And one more thing she has already told that you may have some lihaj of her being Rinu’s mom but she has none.” He increased the tempo of his lund furiously and said, “ hey Rinu, I may have some lihaj, but this Lund which is pounding your gaand does not have any lihaj and will certainly enjoy any chance it gets “ and with this he started shoving his lund full in one stroke. I bantered, and said” Hey what are you thinking, buggering mummy or me. He squeezed my choonchi hard and said, you just think. Then he changed position. He made me sit in his lap but his Lund was still deep inside me and he kept fucking it slowly. Now he had shoved a finger fully inside my choot and he was rubbing hard. I joked and teased him, “ I think you must be dreaming about Guddo’s young teen gaand that’s why you were pushing so hard. He must have felt bad and he retorted. Hey both of you keep on teasing me about Guddo. You know she is really young. She has just entered 15 and studies in Xth how can you… and his sentence was interrupted in our giggles.

Neelu didi remarked” arre you just call Guddo for one day and I will make her sleep with my brother Vijaya.. If you don’t offer us sweets for becoming Mamma in exact 9 months to kahana.” Listening to this he pushed two fingers in Neelu didi’s choot and started fucking her hard. I too joined and said, “ Ok may be when she will come for vacation for a week you yourself can try. I will make her devour you full first time and both aage aur piche.” Our teasing further made his Lund furious. He made me lie down again and pushed a number of pillows below me. He was now pinching caressing and pulling my clit hard while his Lund was still in my gaand, fucking it hard. This attention on my clit made me explode very soon. He then transferred his attention towards Neelu didi who also was so much aroused that she too came soon. Neeraj also came in my gaand flooding me completely.

Next three days and nights all three of us slept raw and it was no hole barred situation for Neelu didi. And when I came to know that it was at the prompting of Neelu didi my asshole was buggered I also goaded Neeraj to try every thing. He even fucked her breasts and came over her tits and we teased her, saying snow clad peaks. She even extended her stay by two days and when it was time to go she was totally changed person. She became almost extrovert and she was really enjoying herself. She taunted me hey you made your hubby enjoy me but don’t forget your promise. I smiled and said, “Didi, how can I forget and I will be ever ready and willing. Neeraj did not have a clue and wondered. I explained to him that before marriage there was a pact between me and Neelu didi that I being choti salli will have first right on my Jiju and first she will have to let me fuck him only then she will get the chance. Neeraj got aroused and said, Neelu didi both of us together will make you and Rinu sandwich. I will take you from behind while your hubby will take you from front, ek saath do- do Lund ka maja. Didi did not blush and said I’m ready.

After 4 month we got the good news that Neelu didi’s marriage has been fixed. He was busy with office work therefore I had to go alone. My train was in the morning. In the night I reminded him of my promise with didi and that I had to give to my jiju. He really felt thrilled. He did not let me sleep entire night and fucked me thrice. Every time he will say, Kissing me on my joban, your jiju will suck here, pushing his lund in my choot, your jiju will do jabardast chudai of your choot. When he came in the morning to see me of, I teased him, “ you must think every night what my Jiju is doing with me.” Yes he said, and when you will be back be ready for some HARD time.” Train has whistled. I told Neeraj, “ But you should not use your hand” Train has started moving and he was moving with me. And I added, OOPs, I forgot to tell you mummy has ringed. I told her that you would be all alone for almost a week. She said to tell you that “ always remember she is only a call away”.

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