Having sex with my hot mom-2

I couldn’t believe it, I was suckling on my first time and it was hanging off a 68 year old woman who thought I was her son!!
After I had gone back and forth between the two big flesh bags for some time, I heard her say,.. I think mommy needs to get all that gooey bad stuff out of her big boy, doesn’t she, yes she does!
Then she popped her nipple out of my sucking mouth and slowly got down on her knees between my legs and started to pull my shorts down until I scooted around to assist her in doing so. So there I sat, naked from the waist down and this eager to please senior citizen between my spread thighs. She took hold of my throbbing member and with a big smile and a blown kiss my way, she bent down and feed my cock into her warm mouth as I watched in awe!

She sucked my cock with love and care as if every movement was taken for my pleasure. I watched as her aged face worked my dick over, drawing on it as if she was singing a child’s lullaby to me through her actions. I was overwhelmed and I felt my orgasm coming! I told her so, I said, I’m going to come!!
She stopped sucking just long enough to say, OH YES MY DARLING, LET MOMMY HAVE IT ALL!! …..
And I exploded into her wet warm suckling mouth. My hips pumped up and I grabbed the couch cushions on either side of me as I let out a river of sperm into her belly. The old lady didn’t loose a drop as she kept sucking me though wave after wave of my orgasm. After I was spent and at a total ease. She laid her head on my lap and told me what a good boy I was and how happy I make her.

After about fifteen minutes of her kissing and licking on my balls my cock began to rise again and she sucked on me for a few minutes and then said, I think my baby needs to be back inside his mommy, doesn’t he? The she got back to her feet, reached up under her dress and pulled down her panties over her stockings. She the started to straddle me on the couch and grabbed my spit covered cock and held it to her well aged cunt and began to feed it into her body. Her face got all intense as she tried to get me in her. She winced and shreeked as she forced herself down on me. I had never felt anything so incredibly delicious in my life as when I was finally all the way in her. She made some uncomfortable noises and said, OH Rahul! You feel so much bigger than last time! Oh dear, my big boy is SO big inside his mommy! Oh dear, go so for mommy, I have to open up for you baby!

I just sat back and sucked on her big floppy tits as she slowly moved around on my cock, letting her do all the work. It was the most incredible feeling!! I to finally not be a virgin and to finally know what being inside a pussy felt like was a complete high for my 18 yr old mind. I finally after a while took hold of her fleshy hips a let my instincts take over as I began to push up inside her and take over the thrusting. She started to really yelp and moan. I was slapping off her cunt pretty good when I felt my second orgasm approaching. I leaned forward and locked her into a French kiss as I moaned into her mouth and came very hard into her shaking body with everything I had left in my young balls. I sent a volley of young cum up into that 68 year old belly, and it was good!!

Right after I was done cumming, she cried out, OH NO BABY! Did you come in mommy, OH NO!! I’m not protected sweetie!! Mommy could get pregnant!!
I have to go wash up right away!!
I was confused for a few moments until I realized that she was flashing back to long ago when she and her son were much younger. After she had went down the hallway and towords the bathroom, I heard a car door slam! I jumped up and pulled my pants up!!

A few seconds later Mrs Vera and her daughter walked through the front door and her said her many thanks to me before I made a quick exit out the door. As I walked home I thought about how incredible that was and how I now wanted to have that all the time. But then I realized that I would probably never get to be alone with her again with her family always around and there was no way I could get that kind of action from the little girlies at school! What the hell was I going to do?? I couldn’t go back to my hand now, I had tasted from the holy troff, there was just no going back now!! I needed more!!
When I got home, mom was out in the garden and Vibha was in her room talking to one of her girlfriends on the phone. I was tired from the sex and the walk so I went to my room and laid down and fell into a deep peaceful sleep.

I didn’t wake up until the next morning, it was Saturday so no school. I woke up hard as a rock and with all those thoughts of yesterday running through my head. I almost felt in a depressed panic! I couldn’t go back to not have pussy now!! I needed it more than food or water, at least that’s how my young mind felt. I started to think of every girl I knew and any possibility that might bring, but my hopes for that were not very high at the moment. I didn’t know what I was going to do. After feeling so incredible just yesterday, now I felt like I was going into a dark depression. I got up and went out to go to the bathroom.

As I walked down the hallway and approached the bathroom door, I could see the light was on and I could tell someone was in there. The door was slightly cracked and I looked in. Mom was standing in front of the mirror with her hair in curlers. She was wearing only a blouse that was open showing her bra and panties with pantyhose over them. My cock twitched at the site of her standing there. Like I said, at the time mom was 45 yrs old with black hair that had streaks of silver through it. She had nice big motherly jugs that sagged and a big fat jiggly ass that framed her wide hips, down to a really nice set of shapely legs and pretty feet always painted with crimson red toe’s.

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