Confession of having sex with maternal aunt 1

Hello friends, this is swastik, 25 m. I wanted to share my story of breaking virginity with all of you. It really gives you a fill of relaxation when you share a secret with people. It was a time of rainy season in July 2008. I was working in Mumbai in a pvt company. In mumbai I didn’t have many friends n whoever weere there, they were busy in there lives.

The only close friend which I had was my maternal cousin aunt who is a doc. I often used to visit her. She is a sufferer in life. She lost her husand in accident and now is a single woman aged 35. We were very much free as our relationship was very pure. She used to take care of me.

Slowly I was realising that she was not happy with her sexual n love life because she used to touch me a lot may be not willingly but it was a obvious reaction after her bad past. I never had a feeling of having sex with her in my mind. One day she massaged my head n so did i. I didn’t know anything about her reaction as nothing was there in my mind.

I was going through a break up during that time and she had really helped me in coming out of tht trauma. Whenever I used to cry she was always there to console me. One day her roommate had gone to her place for some days. So she told me to stay there for a night. I agreed to that. We went for a dinner like as usual. We had all the activities.

In night we just sat n were having discussion abt our lives. we both were sufferer. We had a discussion for an hour we both got very emotional. She almost started crying and it was my time to console her. So I hugged her and said few words to console. We sat for sometime in a hugged position. She was still very disturbed.

So I told her to sleep in same position and we had some more chat. After sometime when I was almost sleeping, I suddenly found wormth on my lips. I opened my eyes to realise that she was kissing me. Suddenly a lightening passed through my body and I was aroused immediately.

But I controlled myself & said no tried to prevent her. She said don’t worry, its just a kiss. It was a completely unexpected thing to me. After that reply I couldn’t resist myself & started kissing her passionately. The kissing went on for 10 minutes n both of us were completely aroused. After that I came on top of her and kissed her again. Now I was just uncontrollable.

I made her sat and started removing her top. Suddenly she resisted. Now it was unexpected for her. She thought tht it was limited upto a kiss but I couldn’t resist my self. She kept saying “No its wrong…its wrong” but I was not in a postion to listen. She also didn’t resist against my force as it was in her mind also. So atlast she gave up & started assisting me.

Now she was in black cup bra & in salwar. I started removing her bra and she helped me. As I started removing her salwar, she completely refused because she is doc and new the consequence as we didn’t have any protection. I assured her that I will not penetrate her but I want to enjoy the legs. After much persuation I removed her salwar.

Now she was only in panties and I was watching a naked woman for the first time in my life as I was virgin. I started sucking her boobs passionately & she immediately started moaning. She had not experienced sex for a long time as she was a conservative woman. I was so passionate with the thought that I was riding a woman who was 10 years elder to me.

After some time I was desperate to penetrate her but as she had told, I didn’t force her. She undressed me & now I went down. she kissed my body from legs to the head….boy….was that an experience!!! I told her to make contact of her whole body with my body…again it was an awe some experience. I helped her finger her pussy….

as it was a first experience I could not stand for too long than 20 mins. I told her to suck. she sucked me but didn’t take the cum inside so I made her lay down, sat on her & then cum on her body….that was a masturbation which I will never forget in my life……Second day also she was alone and went there with condoms. Now she had no reasons to say no to penetration.

So I made her naked & penetrated her hard. I wanted to last longer so I didn’t stroke faster & it really helped me. we lasted almost for 3 hrs……that was the time when I lost my virginity… I fill for it that I fucked my aunt but these are the things which happen according to time…. She was needing it and I was also…

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