Anitha aunty’s trap Part 1

Hi Everybody, I am Muralidhar and 22 years old, after my graduation I have joined for Post-Graduation in Physics. This incident took place nearly 4 years ago, when I was just entering into my adolescence. And my cock gets rushed up with blood whenever I remember my Aunt Anitha and her huge voluptuous 36″ soft pair of boobs. This incident did not take place all of a sudden with my Anitha aunty. It took nearly 20 days for her to reach the stage what she wants me to do. The way she trapped me to have sex with her itself is a big and lengthy story.

She trapped me in such a cunning manner that I did not understood that I am getting trapped in her web. I know her since my birth, as she is none other then my father’s youngest sister. She got married when I was 12 yrs and she was 22 during that time. She got married to a business man who was 9 years older than her. He was having a big garments center in the heart of city of Bangalore. My Uncle was having good regards towards me and I too was having great respect towards him. Even after 5 years of married life they were not having any child. Four year ago after the completion of my first year pre-university examination, I got a call from Uncle and Aunt to come to Bangalore and stay with them for my vacation.

I was not interested to go to their house, because of my earlier experiences as it was feeling bored for me to spend the time in their joint family. But, I came to understand that they are living separately in a newly constructed house. My parents also insisted me to join them as my aunty is alone much of the time in her house. I started my journey to Bangalore. It was three and half-hours journey from my native place (Mysore). I started recalling my earlier days before her marriage, how I spent my childhood and early part of teenage with her, it was her duty to take me to bath and get me bathed. My aunty and I used to sleep in same room. She was never hesitant to change her dress, and many times I had seen her in brassier.  Her boobs were attracting me like a magnet during that time. Why it was so…… the reason not known to me.

I was well received by my aunty. I came to understand that me uncle had gone to garment shop and he will come back by 10P.M. After here about the well being of our parents she called me for dinner. In the mean time my uncle also arrived we all 3 peoples had our dinner. Their combination was not looking so good, as my uncle seems to be too much elder to her. There was a great change in the physical structure of her and she was looking too much gorgeous in her maroon night-gown. The boobs over her chest were larger than earlier days they had covered whole of her chest. I got up very late in the morning by 9.30AM. I opened my eyes and was stunned to have look at the proceeding in front of my bed. It was Anitha aunty, only in her bra and panty, it seems she had just came out after having bath, she saw wipping off her lengthy hairs.

She was facing the wardrobe side, only her back was visible to me. I pretended as if I was sleeping still. This is the first time I was looking at the beauty of a woman, aunty was so near yet so far….. Her whitish back was thrilling and exciting to have a look at. She was having a very narrow waist, compared to her pelvis part, which had got broadened all of a sudden. By having a look at the junction of her waist and pelvis I thought what a beauty is this, the god has created in woman. Much of her ass cheeks was clearly visible, as it was impossible to cover it by that small panty. Her thighs were thunderous to have a look at. She wiped off the hair completely, took out sari, petticoat and matching blouse from wa! rdrobe.  It was not known to her that, I have waked up. By the time she completed wearing her dress I changed my sleeping position to the opposite side and pretended as if I am still sleeping. While going out of the room she turned towards me and shouted -Murali get up it is already 9.45AM.

This was confirmation to me that she is unaware of my wakeup. I took 10 minutes more, later I got out of the bed and went to have bath. While having bath, once again there was a call from Anitha Aunty – Murali should I help you in cleaning your back. No thanks I said and finished my bath. And had the breakfast together with aunty. I understood that Uncle’s routine duty is to go to his shop by Morning 9.00AM come back to house by 10PM. A worker used to come in the afternoon to collect the lunch bag for my uncle. Later in the day nothing happened. I used help my aunty while she was in the kitchen, as I was enough experience of helping my mom. Anitha aunty was very much talkative lady. She use to talk with me all the subject matters. I used to go to bed late in the night and wake up late in the morning. On second day morning the same incident repeated.

It was attached bathroom to both of the rooms. i.e, the room where I used to stay and bed room of my uncle and aunt. But all of her dresses were in the wardrobe of room where I used to sleep. I heard the sound of bathroom lock being opened up. I think she got confirmed that I am still asleep. She came out of bathroom with black coloured bra and panty and towel tied to her head. She was looking more gorgeous that day as her bra and panty were contrast to her body colour. Her milky white colour of the body was clearer to me than the previous day. My dick was to its biggest size and I was feeling very much tightness in my underwear.  This incident repeated for nearly 18 days. Every day morning it was big feast for me to see her beautiful structure with only 2 pieces on her body. And this did not used to happen during Sundays, as my uncle used to stay in the house throughout the day. Nothing I knew much about sex and I was still lea! rning the alphabets of sex during that time. Next day after she finished all her works, she was completely free.

She called me to play chess. She was very good player of chess, not so good as me. We started to play the game. She was leaning forward her pallu had got disarrayed and much of her right blouse was clearly visible. She was wearing a deep neck blouse that day. As and when she leaned forward her white cleavage was disturbing my concentration. I started playing wrong moves. And I reached a stage of loosing the game. During the mean time postman came. Auntie went to collect the documents. I took out the rook (elephant) of her from the chess- board and I hide it inside my pocket. She came back and continued the game after few moves, she understood about her missing rook and she asked me about it. I said I know nothing about it.  She came back to me and started searching holding me from behind. During this moment her pallu fell down when she came over me to search her pocket.

I had the full glimpse of her gorgeous bo! obs being caged in her blouse. She got the rook finally and I lost that game. I challenged to defeat her in the next game. And started a new game, I started playing the game and was in a good position. She started playing a cunning game by taking out a pawn (soldier) and put into her blouse. I shouted cheating…. cheating….. you took away my Pawn. She said I have not done so, why don’t you search she said. I started searching over the lap of her. She resisted. But I hold from behind and started searching. I failed to get the Pawn as it was inside her blouse. She got aroused while I was searching her lap. I pointed her blouse and said you might have kept it in your blouse. She threw down her pallu and said common search for it if you don’t believe me. This was a good chance for me to feel her boobs. I started caressing her right boobs over her blouse with right hand and left hand holding from the behind. It was a great feeling for me.


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